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Introducing myCFAprep


To develop and deliver formative assessment and remediation programs for educational institutions to prepare their students for the CFA exam.
Formative assessment and remediation will prepare students for the exam within their educational program instead of enrolling in a “crash course” at the end.

Better Pass Rates, Analysis and Education

Educational institutions are always looking for ways to build rigor within their curriculum. Our comprehensive predictor exam will provide students with their probability of passing the CFA Level I exam. The institution will be provided with standardized data that can use for program accreditation and strengthening the curriculum.

About myCFAprep

We develop formative learning programs that integrate within each education institution’s curriculum. This provides students with an opportunity to prepare for the CFA exam as they are going through their education


Why Choose Us


Build increased rigor into the curriculum that gives their learners more employment opportunities.

Keep learners at home when institutions are limited.

Give learners self-paced activities by embedding videos, links and articles.

Fill learning gaps with the practice for struggling students and challenge advanced students to move ahead.

Bring all the critical performance data together in one place.



Formative assessments have educational benefits that will prepare students for the CFA exam.


A comprehensive predictor assessment that will provide students with the probability of passing the CFA exam.


Education institutions will receive program data that can be used for program/course evaluation and accreditation.


API / Platform Feature

API / Platform Feature

Engaging technology-enhanced assessments for Modern, Psychometric Credibility benchmarks.


Reporting product feature can check your learner’s progress towards standards mastery to ensure students stay on track.
Practice Assessments

Practice Assessments

Now give your learners differentiated assignments to remediate, reinforce or challenge.
Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment

Comprehensive Predictor Identify learning gaps with diagnostic and formative assessment analysis.
Focused Review

Focused Review

Create self-paced learning with online remediation tied to each Learning Outcome Statement.
Outcome Data

Outcome Data

Institutions will receive outcome data for accreditation and program evaluation.


Content Validity

Content Validity

SME Team
  • CFA’s
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Using best practices
  • PhD Psychometrician

Content Delivery

Content Delivery

We develop and deliver concentrated CFA content:

Formatively to students progressing through an education institution Finance or Business curriculum

Independently to brokerage firms or individual CFA Level I, II or III candidates

A Better way to prepare for the CFA Exam

Better Psychometrics and Insights

Better University Support

Better Learning Experience

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